Science Olympad Foundation is an Educational Foundation set up in 1998 in New Delhi by leading academicians, Scientists and media personalities with a veiw to promote Science, Mathematics, Computer education, English Language Skills, Social Studies, General Knowledge and proffessional courses in India and many other countries through various olympiads.

However, they are not the officials organiser of Olympiads in India. SOF - OLYMPIAD SCHOLARSHIP Exam is conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation [SOF] on Natonal and International Level and thus promote competitive mentality/attitude among students in their related academic field. It enables students to compare their depth of knowledge and awareness of the subjects with other students. It helps to identify and nurture talents of students leading to improved academic performance. If fosters the competitive spirit of students. Millions of students appear in the Olympiad Exams of various streams in the International Level. Students are awarded on their school, zonal and International Ranks. Students appeared in any SOF-Olympiad exam is given a Student Performance Report [SPR] which is a detailed analysis of how the student attempted in the first level Olympiad Exam.

Principals and Teachers are also awarded.

Principal award is based on cumulative performance of schools in all Olympiad Exams. Teacher award is based on school performance in individual Olympiads.

Certification of Appreciation will also be given to school principals and teacher in-charge.

Another organization styled as “Indian Talent Olympiad” was set up in 2012. It is not an official organization.

SOF -Olympiad Scholarship Exams in the Main Streams

1.SOF -National Science Olympiad [NSO] is a two level examination each year. It was the first Olympiad exam conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation [SFO] . It has been conducted since 1998. Students in Class IXII can participate in the examination.

2. SOF - International Mathematics Olympiad [IMO] is conducted at two levels each year. Students in Class I-XII can participate in the examination.

3. SOF - International English Olympiad [IEO] had been conducted as a single level exam each year, but it is conducted at two levels since 2017-18 academic year. Students in class I-XII can participate.

4. SOF - International General Knowledge Olympiad [IGKO] is a single level exam. Students in I-X can participate.

5. SOF - International Commerce Olympiad [ICO] is a Single Level Exam. Students of Class XI and XII can participate. It is conducted in association with ICSI, under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

6. SOF - International Social Studies Olympiad [ISSO] is a single level exam for III to X class students.

7. National Cyber Olymbiad [NCO] is a single level exam. Students in class I-X can participate.

Radiography, Medical Technology in Dialysis, Sleep Laboratory Technology Emergency Medicine Technicians, Operation Theatre Technology, Perfusion Technology, Optometry etc.